Iron Mountain, Blueprint for Tyranny

The Video that started it all - written about in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and the subject of an NBC DATELINE. This is a 2:40 hour documentary presented by Stewart Best investigating the little known IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, leaked to the press in 1967. Purports to be a top-secret government plan to bring in the New World Order and the ultimate plans for American citizens.

Declared a hoax, it was later verified by a top Pentagon official as real. The agenda is being carried out right under the noses of the American people. UFO’s play a major role in the Iron Mountain NWO. It is all about people control via deception and manipulation. Deep into Eugenics, birth control and hideous plans for a tyrannical slave state. It is all coming true after OKC and 9-11 with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the military police operating in America. Airports first, railroads, then highways, and finally a complete LOCKDOWN under the pretense of “security.” A MUST SEE VIDEO. (141 min)

TriGod Productions

Report From Iron Mountain in PDF


Cosmic Deception:
The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

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2 Responses to “Iron Mountain, Blueprint for Tyranny”

  1. Iron Mountain, Blueprint for Tyranny video replaced Says:

    [...] Iron Mountain, Blueprint for Tyranny Share and Enjoy: [...]

  2. Fran Says:

    How do we obtain a copy of this and have you given copies to Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, Glen Beck and a host of others?


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