2012 and Prophecies

Researcher Tom Horn discussed how 2012 is a pivotal time which coincides with prophecies from not only the Mayans, but Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, and other groups. For instance, the Cherokee Rattlesnake prophecies also end in 2012, and over 700 years ago Jewish priests prophesied in the Zohar that the Messiah would arrive in the year 2012. Cultures separated by thousands of miles or years refer to 2012 and the return of their God as common themes, he stated.

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Interestingly, a 500-year-old Mayan prophecy relates to the founding of America, referring to the year 1776, and a 13th step countdown ending in the year 2012, said Horn. Many U.S. Founding Fathers were aware of these prophecies, and incorporated this knowledge into designs in Washington DC, such as the US Capitol dome, and in the Great Seal of the US, which depicts the return of a pagan god, he detailed.

As for what might occur in 2012, Horn noted that according to NASA, the time frame of 2012-2013 could bring powerful solar storms, and we could be knocked off the grid for up to three years. He also talked about the increased experimentation with transgenic creatures that are bred with mixed human and animal DNA, and how this is a repeat of what the Watchers (Nephilim) did back in the biblical era.

Air Date: 11-25-09
Host: George Noory
Guest: Tom Horn

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  1. Sid Koch says:

    Four Horses interstingly enough are already here. Many try to find the United States in The Rvevelation. It IS there in the FOUR HORSES OF THE APPOCALYPSE. The First is THE LETTERHEAD OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (The “BOW” is the ribbon in their letterhead). The Second is THE FIRST CAVALRY DIVISION (never travels without the unit it branched out of THE 1ST Infantry Division… THE BIG RED 1) – The long swords are the sabers they all wear when wearing their Dress Blues. The Third is THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE evolved from the STEAM LOCOMOTIVE (the IRON HORSE), standard color even to this day… BLACK. The Forth is Space Craft Powered via High Voltage Physics, Coulomb’s Law…CHARIOTS OF THE GODS. They glow due to the ionized air around them… aka PALE (no specific color defined)

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