Code 144, The Secret of the Universe

The Secret of the Universe is the name given to the ancient knowledge of the inner workings of the universe. This includes (but is not limited to) the method by which huge megaliths can be reduced in weight and lifted, something also known to the Freemasons and the builder of Coral Castle up to the mid 1900’s.

This building technique is the focus of this website [], though secrets in close proximity allow for additional exotic abilities. The techniques are unknown to mainstream science and society, though they are timeless. Advanced technology is not required, only a developed understanding of the hidden properties of magnetism, aspects which remain unrecognized. The field can be manipulated with primitive means, it is merely knowing the specifics of how to do it.

Since the beginning of time this information has been held only by small numbers of people, limited to secret societies, kings, queens, and other great people going back thousands of years – rulers in Mesopotamia and beyond. These secrets are the ones that history fails to record – though they are responsible for so much.

Most recently, Edward Leedskalnin (1887 – 1951) used this knowledge to build Coral Castle, an impressive stone structure south of Miami in Florida. Not surprisingly, Coral Castle has continued to mystify modern scientists as to the method used in its construction.

Related information and concepts are encoded in architecture and art at thousands of locations around the world. By using the clues left behind at Coral Castle by Leedskalnin, and those at a Grand Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia (the finest Grand Lodge in the world), you will see that it is possible to unravel these secrets for ourselves.

This is a continuing work, and I invite you to subscribe to the updates list at the bottom of any page if you find the video adequately motivating.

I have much more interesting work to follow!

– Jeremy Stride


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