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Russell Wood and Maurice Thompson on Alex Jones

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Alex Jones welcomes Russell Wood of the Ozarks Property Rights Congress (Ozarks PRC) in Missouri Fighting the The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and Maurice Thompson, a Buckeye Institute Attorney, to talk about the SWAT-raided Manna Storehouse family farm.

Russell Wood, President Ozarks PRC, MO

Read the full story of the SWAT-raided Manna Storehouse family farm:

Source: Alex Jones Show 20081219

Judith McGeary, Save the Family Farm

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Alex Jones speaks with Judith McGeary, the Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA). She is an attorney and small farmer with a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and her J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. After a clerkship with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, she practiced as an attorney doing a combination of administrative law, litigation, and appeals. She and her husband live on a small farm outside of Austin, with Quarter Horses, cows, sheep, and heritage-breed chickens and turkeys. After seeing first-hand how government regulations benefit industrial agriculture at the expense of family farms, she became convinced that independent agriculture needed a voice. She quit her legal practice to form FARFA in April 2006 after the Texas Animal Health Commission proposed regulations to make premises registration mandatory in Texas. She and her husband are also active with Holistic Resource Management of Texas, the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

20090526 Alex Jones Show

20090512 Joyce Riley, Dawn Welch & YouTube Censorship

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Radio host Joyce Riley joins Alex Jones to discuss the disturbing case of a Dawn Welch, a 54 year old grandmother in Hillsboro, Missouri, who was raided by cops for not paying her mortgage on time although she had paperwork from the original bank that held the note saying that it was paid in full. Wachovia did not do due diligence and is behind this travesty. What a crock… Arrested for Trespassing in Her Own House – they should be ASHAMED of themselves.

Alex also discusses other hot topics including the Google Video and YouTube Censorship.

YouTube In Egregious Censorship Of Alex Jones Channel

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Corporate gatekeeper claims that showing a print out of an article on live TV, something which happens on every mainstream TV news network every day, equates to copyright violation.

You Tube has once again proven itself to be a corporate gatekeeper working to destroy free speech and the alternative media after it suspended the popular ‘Alex Jones Channel’ – primarily because Alex Jones showed a print out of a news article during a live show.

The Alex Jones Channel, started by a fan but since embraced as the “official” Alex Jones micro-site on You Tube, has routinely featured in the website’s most popular ranking charts and has collectively attracted millions of views for videos painstakingly cataloged and uploaded over the past two years.

Those videos are now completely gone after You Tube bosses deleted the channel, primarily because the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette complained that Alex Jones had shown a computer print out of one of their articles about the Poplawski cop killer incident last month.

To claim that showing a print out of an article is a violation of copyright is of course completely insane – not a day goes by without TV news anchors showing newspaper stories on live television. Indeed, C-Span’s popular Washington Journal program almost entirely consists of the host showing clippings of newspaper stories every morning.

The real reason for the deletion in undoubtedly the fact that Alex Jones has been on the forefront of exposing stories that have later become major national scandals, such as the MIAC report. Our coverage of the swine flu hoax has again propelled us to the top of the video ranking charts and this no doubt had You Tube’s corporate owners Google running scared. As we have previously documented – Google has intimate ties with the CIA and the military-industrial complex.

To counter such egregious censorship, we are encouraging everyone to subscribe to and bookmark the new Infowarrior channel and alert people to the fact that this will be the new home for Alex Jones on You Tube (at least until they invent a reason to pull that one too).

Visit the channel via this link.

YouTube is engaged in a hunting expedition against Alex Jones and other truth tellers. Truth is no longer acceptable on the site as it transforms itself into a pale reflection of Hulu, a site owned and operated by NBC Universal (GE) and Fox Entertainment Group (News Corp), that is to say a joint venture by a corporation owned by a death merchant (GE manufactures attack helicopters and jet engines) and a disinformation platform owned by a notorious neocon, Rupert Murdoch.

In the Hulu-ized universe, there is no room for truth or alternative media — all channels will contain the same schlock and mindless pablum already available on cable and broadcast television.

YouTube, the emerging Hulu-ized version, has no use for Alex Jones and has specifically targeted him because his videos invariably draw a large (in the millions) number of people. His message is not welcome in a commercial space dominated by Wall Street bankers and the “entertainment” transnational corporations they own, operate, and use to disseminate their opiated propaganda.

YouTube is owned by Google, the mega-internet corporation that has as its motto “Don’t be evil.” Of course, for Google evil is a relative matter, especially when it comes to the corporation’s removal or omission of information from its services, especially in the totalitarian gulag of China.

Google is infamous for its politically motivated removal of information. In February 2003, Google stopped showing the adverts of Oceana, a non-profit organization protesting a major cruise ship operation’s sewage treatment practices. In October 2007, Google banned advertisements from Maine U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ reelection campaign because she criticized the Soros operation In April 2008, Google refused to run ads for a UK Christian group opposed to abortion.

In addition to taking down Alex Jones videos, YouTube has blocked videos produced by Wael Abbas, an activist who posted videos of police brutality, and the American Life League which is critical of Planned Parenthood.

YouTube has its agenda… and it fits in snugly with the agenda of the New World Order.

You Tube users vented their anger at the deletion of The Alex Jones Channel today. Watch clips below.

(And as usual, I downloaded and put them on just in case THEY got censored!)




Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo
Monday, May 4, 2009

Article Source:

20090427 Coast To Coast Swine Flu Special

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

George Noory hosted a special edition of C2C with examination and analysis of the recent swine flu outbreak.

2nd hour guest, Dr. Gary Ridenour suggested that this virus could further mutate and become even more dangerous. We could see mass school closings and work outages in the U.S., he said, and in a worst-case scenario, 5-15 million people could die. He estimated there was a 40% chance that the new virus was man-made, and was released either accidentally or intentionally.

Appearing in the latter half of the show, Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle both agreed the new swine virus was not natural. It’s a “genetically altered bioweapon,” possibly being “beta-tested in the field” to target specific races, Quayle contended. Jones cited experts in the field, pointing toward the virus being designed, and he noted how unusual it is for a flu virus to start out of season, and not come from the East.

Quayle suggested the virus may be part of a global plan to reduce the population, and that the mysterious deaths of microbiologists in recent years could be connected to this outbreak — scientists who could help stop a pandemic were taken out. Jones posited the idea that flu fears could be deliberate hype by the government in order to distract the public from other issues.

20090427 Steve Quayle on Alex Jones Show

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Alex and Steve Quayle discuss the details of the Swine Flu Pandemic’s “not so hidden” plan of the NWO.

War Waged Against Americans

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Best of the Best Q-Files, Apr 15, 2009 Steve Quayle with Alex Jones – listen


Steve Quayle & Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Show

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Steve Quayle, author of Breathe No Evil, talks with Alex about what we can expect over the next couple years. Alex also talks with Gerald Celente, trend forecaster, author, and CEO of The Trends Research Institute. Celente predicts economic depression, tax rebellions, and food riots.


Swine Flu Special Emergency Broadcast

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

Alex Jones reports about the deadly swine flu outbreak and the early evidence that it may be a synthetic bio-attack to prepare the population for future major outbreaks. Speculation of human to human transmission and confirmation that the virus contains a deadly mix of bird-swine-human components. Alex put out a request for people having first hand knowledge of what is happening in Mexico and Canada (as well as other areas) to call in (or email) and report what they’ve witnessed.

Although number of deaths are “officially” reported at 60, the BBC reports 200 dead. Mexico City is reported to be under martial law and locked down. There are also reported cases in Texas, Kansas, Canada, and New York.


The Bird Flu Saga on YouTube

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Debunked by Alex Jones. Posted the original here:

Part 1

Part 2

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