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FEMA Camps or Concentration Camps

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Beginning to feel like Nazi Germany around here… There are more than 600 nationwide. Barbed wire to keep people in NOT out? Specially made train cars with shackles?

New MASSIVE gas furnaces added with lines and pipes that run the length of the buildings?

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency has numerous detainment camps throughout the United States. Some camps have been recently constructed and / or renovated and are fully staffed. The existence of the camps coupled with Presidential Executive Orders giving the President and Department of Homeland Security (of which FEMA is now part) control over “national essential functions” in the event of “catastrophic emergency” have resulted in concerns that the camps will be used to forcefully detain American citizens for unconstitutional purposes.

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Have a look at more info along with the Executive Orders and more related links.

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