Minds.com Tutorial: The Free Speech Social Network

Freedom Of Speech | April 2, 2017 | StackIcon

Minds.com, The Free Speech Social Network, is a mix of FaceBook and Twitter, but with elements of YouTube also. It is important to remember that Minds.com is still in BETA, but everything is stable and working very well. The discovery is great. There is no algorithm manipulating what you see. No content filtering; no censorship; no shadow banning to worry about. This is an ideologically neutral platform. Monetization is being rolled out across the site. The video player and video uploader are still to be improved a little bit more, but overall, these are fairly minor issues. The APP has just been launched and it is fast, fluid and reliable. This tutorial covers the functionality on a desktop, but once you're familiar with the desktop mode, the APP is fairly self-explanatory.

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