"Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. The boundaries and content of what is considered private differ among cultures and individuals, but share common themes. When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them. The domain of privacy partially overlaps security (confidentiality), which can include the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information. Privacy may also take the form of bodily integrity. The right to not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasion of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals is part of many countries' privacy laws, and in some cases, constitutions. Almost all countries have laws which in some way limit privacy."
-- Wikipedia

Can this Social Network Stop NSA Surveillance? Bill Ottman, Co-Founder of Interviewed by Lee Ann McAdoo, InfoWars.

Can This Social Network Stop Surveillance?

Social Issues | July 4, 2015 | StackIcon is a new social network that promises to encrypt user messages to protect from prying eyes, while empowering a user's ability to go viral. Find out why it is important to understand the code that empowers corporations, and why you should be a part of the open source solution.

Is The Mainstream Media An Enemy Of The People?

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