Can This Social Network Stop Surveillance?

Can This Social Network Stop Surveillance?

Privacy | July 4, 2015 | StackIcon

A new social network has been launched, vowing more transparency, security, and privacy than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and other social media giants. At a glance, appears similar to any other social network. It provides a person’s followers with the latest updates, allowing their friends to comment and promote posts. But the major difference exists behind the scenes. doesn’t aim to profit from gathering data. In fact, its goal is the opposite -- to encrypt all messages so they can’t be read by governments, corporations or advertisers. Find out why it is important to understand the code that empowers corporations, and why you should be a part of the open source solution. Bill Ottman, Co-Founder of Interviewed by Lee Ann McAdoo, InfoWars.

“Our stance is the users deserve the control of social media in every sense,” founder Bill Ottman told Business Insider. The open-source code keeps accountable, as any programmer can check the code to make sure no one can access data -- and that makes the social network stand out, according to Ottman. “A lot of companies will claim privacy and say they’re encrypted,” Ottman said, as quoted by CNET. “But it’s not real encryption because we have no way of inspecting the code to see if there are backdoors.” Before the formal launch, the site had gained 60 million visits, Ottman said. Many of those users were people “interested in alternative media,” with interests like online freedom and citizen journalism. (Excerpted from RT, Read The Full Article...)

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