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The myriad of facts, conjecture, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information in the videos, articles, stories, and commentaries posted on this site range from cutting edge hard news and comment to extreme and unusual perspectives. We choose not to sweep uncomfortable material under the rug -- where it can grow and fester. We choose not to censor skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric. These things reflect the world as it now is -- for better and worse. We present multiple facts, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information on a wide variety of topics.

Journalism is (or used to be) the profession of gathering and presenting a broad panorama of news about the events of our times and presenting it to readers for their own consideration. We believe in the intelligence, judgment and wisdom of our visitors to discern for themselves among the data which appears on this site that which is valid and worthy... or otherwise.

Please be aware that we are still building out the new site. New content is posted daily, so please check back often!

Is The Mainstream Media An Enemy Of The People?

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