"Until recent years, Terrorism in Sweden was not seen as serious threat to the security of the state. Over the last decades the issue of certain terrorist groups, such as Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), using Sweden as a free haven has received attention. In the 2000s, the issue of terrorism financing and recruiting for terrorist groups, including Islamic groups, have also been on the security agenda. Criminal acts from domestic political extremist groups, both on the right and on the left, have also become an increasing phenomenon. The Swedish government agency tasked with keeping watch over terrorism-related threats is the Swedish Security Service."
-- Wikipedia

Terror Attacks In Sweden. Reported by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars.

Terror Attacks In Sweden

Terrorism | April 10, 2017 | StackIcon

Remember when the mainstream media and all those leftie celebrities laughed at Paul Joseph Watson for warning about mass immigration, Sweden and how terror attacks would escalate? Not so funny now is it?

Is The Mainstream Media An Enemy Of The People?

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