London Attack Claimed By ISIS

London Attack Claimed By ISIS

United Kingdom | March 24, 2017 | StackIcon

Khalid Masood a 52 year old English Teacher and English native living in the British Muslim enclave of Birmingham, England where according to a 2011 Census 21.8& of the Birmingham population identify as Muslim, a much higher average compared to the national average of 4.8%. Molded by a life of criminal acts and radicalized by the ongoing jihad in Europe, Masood took the lives of A Mother of two, A vacationing American, An unarmed Police Officer and a 75 year old retiree after driving a Hyundai 4x4 down plowing through as many as 40 people of various national backgrounds down one of the most symbolic roads in England leaving a trail of death and mayhem at the foot of the iconic Big Ben. The message was abundantly clear even before ISIS claimed responsibility.

The English authorities seem to have been temporarily awakened by the obvious message as raids in London, Birmingham, Surrey, Wales, Manchester, and Brighton have so far netted 10 people related to the recent attack on the heart of England.

The larger question here is what kind of global culture do we really live in? Where Silicon Valley Elite sociopaths flood our media landscape with their version of reality while technocratic billionaires plan a dystopian future where our children are replaced by robots. Where warmongering leaders place the common citizen in the theater of war for dubious reasons? And where a psychopathic ideology is protected while openly professing a message of death of its host. Just how stupid are we to allow this war against us, the cannon fodder of the globalists and the enemies of Islam, to continue?

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